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As many have noticed FireNes is playable again. Thank everyone who wrote to me offering servers for the games and I apologize to those who did not answer, I did not have time to respond to each. Hopefully now on we have no problems with the games, however we still need people willing to donate space on their servers to make mirrors to not saturate and in case one has problems, but I remind that it takes much monthly transfer, if they have an unlimited transfer hosting will not help.
Take the opportunity to switch to the latest version of vNes that allows so many asked me: save games. Simply copy the code that gives them when they close the game and paste it when it starts again.
I put all the games I had, many do not work, I have thought out a new version soon to fix a couple of bug and return the "Report" so that together we can leave only the games that work well.
Thank you all for your patience and enjoy the games.